Art Lessons

I have taught hundreds of Art Lessons to students ranging from 8 to 80 years old. I always guarantee that each student will go home with an attractive watercolour painting that they will be proud to frame and hang in their home. I am confident about this because I use a step by step teaching approach.

I demonstrate each step, and then the student does the step. By breaking the process down to simple and doable units, there is less chance of the student being overwhelmed.

I can teach techniques in one day, that have taken me four decades to master.Typically these will be weekend sessions of one day (1 painting) or two days (2 paintings) of about six hours per day.

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Dear Mr. Finch

Thank you so much for giving me an art lesson. It was nice to learn about art and it was a wonderful way to spend the day.

These are some of the lessons I learned from you:

1. Art takes time. I learned not to rush.
2. I learned that I can do art.
3. I learned how to use watercolours to paint.
4. I learned that art can be a lot of fun.
5. I learned how to mix colours to give my painting depth and perspective.
6. I learned to put a little amount of paint on your brush because "less is more".
7. I learned to believe in myself and to paint what I feel.
8. I learned that when I make a mistake, it isn't the end of the world. I can fix them.
9. Most importantly, you taught me to try my very best at everything I do.

I am so proud of my painting that I did that day. My parents have framed it and hung it in the dining room for everyone to see.

Thank you for being a wonderful, caring and Patient art teacher. I hope other children will get the chance to paint with you.

Alexandra Tyrrell (age 10)

“I always thought that you had to be born with artistic talent. I have now witnessed first hand that with the right teacher, artistic skill can be learned to create artistic majesty!

Ron Finch is a brilliant and generous artist who has an amazing amount of patience, skill and passion. He shares his knowledge and love of art to others to help them experience creative artistic expression. I know this first hand as I recently participated in an instructional weekend under Ron’s clear and purposeful direction which resulted in a water colour painting which is now beautifully framed, hanging on my family room wall with my name on it, for all to enjoy. If you want to unleash your artistic talent, contact Ron Finch; you will be amazed at the power of adding artistic skills to your creative expression tool kit!”

JoAnn Beliveau Sherwood Park, Alberta